Affordable Strapless Bra Solutions

Affordable Strapless Bra Solutions

I think most of us have at least one sticky bra horror story and I am no exception.  I once wore a strapless bra to a wedding because my bridesmaid dress was backless.  As I danced, I looked down to notice that not only had the bra dropped down to my waist, but it had also shifted drastically to the left…one boob was free falling and the other caught under the bra….not a good look.Luckily, today there are options that allow us to go backless/braless in comfort and without embarrassment.

So what are the best solutions to the backless, strapless bra dilemma? Well, the easiest and most comfortable option is to go without a bra completely!  But even girls with perky implants feel like they need to wear a little something, which brings me to the second option, nipple covers or pasties. 

Originally designed to conceal nipple protrusion, nipple covers, aka pasties, are often made of a thin disposable satin material cut in a circular or flower shape that has a cotton piece in the middle.  Although inexpensive and readily available on Amazon, https://www.amazon.com/s?k=ASIN%3A+B07SGRHV48&ref=nb_sb_noss,they’re visible under sheer clothing.  For delicate silks or polyester materials, theymay draw attention to the nipple area instead of disguising it.

The most invisible nipple covers are very thin around the edges and slightly thicker in the middle. They need to be SUPER STICKY and contoured so they don’t give a weirddome-like shape. One of the best I have found online is available at www.invisi-cover.com.Invisi-coversare the only stick-on bra solution that is made of an ultra-thinsilicone with a unique beveled edge that makes them blend right into the skin.  The company states that this sticky bra also lifts of up to 3 inches. Invisi-Covers are truly invisible, are reusable 30+ times and sell for less than $17.  

If you are just looking for incredible lift,  Bring It Up’s Instant Breast Lift tape https://bringitup.com/product/instant-breast-lift/ lifts boobs up to 6 inches and comes in regular and plus sizes.  These disposable sticky boob lifters are a celebrity favorite and they definitely doall the heavy lifting.  Big bonus is that they are 100% waterproof, hypoallergenic and made from safety tested medical grade adhesives. Multipacks starting at $15

If you are looking for a strapless bra that clips in the middle to create cleavage, NuBra is a name you can trust.  https://www.amazon.com/NuBra-Feather-Super-Light-Adhesive/dp/B07C32V4PD.  An affordable bra alternative, NuBrastend to run small so if you are an A cup order the B!  These reusable silicone and fabric bras are great for backless apparel but don’t work for plunging necklines because of the clip in the front.  Starting at $29 on Amazon.

Whether you are looking for nipple coverage, lift, or cleavage and whether you are an A cup or DD there are finally many great backless and strapless bra solutions to fit your needs. So there is nothing stopping you from buying that “bare down to there” dress you have been eyeing!  Go for it!

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